Best eCommerce Hosting Providers in 2021

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Best eCommerce Hosting Providers in 2021

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Want to create something great? It's easy to set up a web store that sells your product to the masses, and you can easily automate it.

A basic web hosting plan typically includes features that make it easy to sell online: templates for stores, integration with PayPal, easy installation of shopping carts.

As you upgrade to more advanced e-commerce plans, you'll gain access to powerful catalogues, inventory management, and payment methods.

However, even if these products are packed with features, they are designed to be simple to use. You'll see your store taking shape as you select a layout, fill out forms to create your product catalogue. Still, there are some steps to take - setting up a credit card account, maybe - but even novice web store owners will be able to understand the process.

You can choose from below given excellent hosting provides, no matter how new you are to e-commerce or how busy you are with your store.

Best eCommerce Hosting Providers

  1. SiteGround
  2. Hostinger
  3. Bluehost
  4. Hostgator
  5. iPage
  6. A2 Hosting
  7. Liquid Web

Check out our detailed analysis of each hosting providers

1. SiteGround

Website building and management is a core competency of SiteGround's web hosting platform. Small businesses and individuals can benefit from the services offered by the company. 

Managed cloud hosting services offered by SiteGround include compatibility with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Features include

  • Block malicious traffic with a smart AI system.
  • Backup your site daily so you can restore it easily. 
  • Every site created comes with free SSL.
  • Checking the server status regularly.
  • Improved browser caching with NGINX Direct Delivery

According to the company, 99.996% of its services are always available, which is great for a web store. Those who need support or have automatic backups each day should be able to recover quickly from any issues.

Pricing: Starts from $4.99/month

2. Hostinger

Hostinger, an affordable and feature-rich choice of web hosting for small businesses that is popular with entrepreneurs on a budget, offers a wide range of features. Cloudflare CDN ensures that Hostinger's servers operate at the fastest speed possible. Customers also benefit from Hostinger's custom-built server stack and the fastest page loading speeds. 

The easiest part about Hostinger is how easy it is to use. In just a few minutes, you can create a WordPress e-commerce site using WooCommerce and your hosting provider. 

Using Hostinger, companies can maintain fast, effective product pages without compromising on budget. Access manager allows you to collaborate with other team members on your online store, which is another interesting feature. Creating multiple accounts is easy.

Features include

  • Builder with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Name your own domain for free
  • Certificate for an SSL server
  • Backups should be done regularly

Pricing: Starts from $1.39/month

3. Bluehost

Bluehost, an ecommerce host that works with WordPress, offers affordable and simple options for growing your business. Your product data will be protected by regular technology backups when you subscribe to the service. 

A first-time website developer will find the backend of the host's service simple, flexible, and ideal. Furthermore, Bluehost also provides a free SSL certificate, hotlink protection, Secure Shell access (SSH), and Spam Assassin protection to ensure your site remains safe. 

Furthermore, Bluehost offers a Weebly-based website builder. This is a basic browser-based website builder that allows you to create a six-page site without any additional features like website templates. But it's still better than nothing, and more features are on the way - plus you get a builder when you sign up for a basic account.

There's also a lot of customer support available, and the end result is an end result that's both user-friendly and powerful, and allows for custom tweaking by advanced users.

Features include

  • Backups of data automatically
  • Online Content Delivery Network (CDN) for free
  • Creating custom themes
  • 1 year free domain

Pricing: The monthly price is $2.95 for 36 months

4. Hostgator

Hosting plans from HostGator include unlimited file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts that allow you to transfer files from a computer to a network. A free domain name for the first year is included with each plan, but you must renew your domain name after that. Each plan also includes unlimited bandwidth and unlimited e-mail accounts, plus a free domain for the first year.

You will receive a free SSL certificate from Hostgator with every purchase and a guarantee of 99.99% uptime. With every plan, you'll receive a free domain. You can get all the customers you want with no quota, and every plan includes free site transfers to get your store running. 

You cannot use HostGator's servers unless they are PCI compliant; however, you can have this functionality added with the assistance of HostGator's support team. It is also convenient to move files from one computer to another using FTP accounts (file transfer protocol). A good live chat and phone support service should make it easy for even beginners to become familiar with their new ecommerce host.

Features include

  • Monitoring of servers 24x7 
  • Encryption and backups are instant
  • IP addresses dedicated to a single host

Pricing: Starts from $2.75/month 

5. iPage

A web store can be expensive to set up. Most providers do not include e-commerce functionality in their starter plans, and you will usually have to pay for a high-end specialist plan in order to do anything worthwhile.

With iPage, even the most basic hosting plan gives you more than enough space and bandwidth to get started.

You can design your shop with a free website builder and web store for example. Payments can be made using PayPal. There is also integration with your choice of shopping cart (AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, TomatoCart, Zen Cart), a free domain for the first year and 24/7 phone support (toll-free in the US and UK).

There are also limits. There is only a maximum number of six pages that can be created with the website builder, for example, and a lot of customers will expect to be able to use their credit cards and PayPal. (You can do that, but you'll have to deal with it yourself.)

Features include

  • ONE YEAR FREE domain
  • Support available 24/7
  • Included SSL certificate
  • Uptime of 99.9%
  • Bandwidth is unlimited
Pricing: $2.99 per month for a 12-month plan

6. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is known for its performance. According to A2 Hosting, it is one of the quickest and most reliable hosting platforms for e-commerce store owners. With the SSD storage, you'll get up to 20 times the page loading speed of regular servers, along with unlimited disk space and SSD storage. 

To ensure that shoppers feel safe and secure, every plan includes a SSL certificate. Besides free scanning and DDoS protection, A2 Hosting also offers a firewall for blocking unwanted visitors and a perpetual security plan, which includes free scanning of your system.

The A2 Hosting team offers speed, reliability, and top-notch support to make sure that you succeed online. Additionally, it comes at a very affordable price for beginners.

Features include

  • An online website builder
  • The Cloudflare Content Delivery Network
  • Emails are not limited
  • Transfer of data without limit

Pricing: Pricing starts at $10.99 a month

7. Liquid Web

E-commerce hosting plans for beginners can do a lot for a low price, but service quality is often a concern. In addition, you may experience slow loading times and limited support when your website is hosted on shared hosting. A small web store might not care about this, but if you're running a big company, it could be a major problem.

Products covered by wide product support include physical products, digital downloads, and virtual products (such as online courses). Regardless of how many products you have, you can present them in many powerful ways. Customers don't just have to select product variations from a list, for example (color, size, design) - you can also show them photos of products that match their selections.

The tools for managing stores are just as flexible. You can define your own order statuses and workflows, offer related products to customers, create coupons, accept product reviews, manage inventory, and more.

The landing page builder can be edited with drag-and-drop, and hundreds of themes are available for your site.

Scalable containers host your site. Using these environments, users are isolated from each other, improving reliability. Furthermore, you are not limited to a certain amount of system resources. The platform automatically adds RAM and CPU cores when you are busy.

In addition to performance testing, premium touches include a testing area. You may be able to reclaim lost customers using Jilt's abandoned shopping cart recovery, and Glew's analytics will provide valuable information about your customers and orders.

Liquid Web's support is perhaps most important of all for busy stores. Besides being available 24/7/365 to handle problems, it monitors stores, detecting and fixing problems before you even notice them.

All in all, this is one incredibly powerful range, capable of running the busiest website. Check it out.

Features include

  • Platform with fast response times and reliability
  • Web store with powerful functionality and professional look
  • Provides support for physical, digital, and virtual products

Pricing: Plan for 12 months - $28.08 per month

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