Top 10 ecommerce email marketing strategy

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Top 10 ecommerce email marketing strategy

Posted on What if your eCommerce email marketing strategy could double your sales? Taking a stand from your side, I’d definitely say it isn’t! You might even think that all this “eCommerce marketing hacks” is totally crazy and you have made a huge mistake venturing into this read!

Hold your ground and stay calm! It's possible to double your store sales by following a few simple but effective strategies!

Email marketing is usually viewed as dead or not effective because we often jump to conclusions. It's important to think twice if you run an eCommerce store.

eCommerce email campaigns have been used effectively by top retailers like Amazon and Walmart. It is no doubt that they will be using the most effective eCommerce email marketing strategies to boost their sales. To take it a step further, the exact search for the word "eCommerce email marketing strategy" yields 37,400 results!

Amazing! A very promising start! If you want to double your store sales, let's get started!

These are the best email marketing tips for eCommerce
We have handpicked some of the most effective email marketing strategies and eCommerce marketing hacks to help you create conversion-driven email campaigns. In return, you can easily increase your eCommerce sales. It's simply a matter of sitting back, observing, tweaking if necessary, and carrying them out!

First, let's talk about email marketing for eCommerce.

1. Make Your Copies Worth Reading

An email marketing campaign is more like an elevator pitch! In order to be effective, you can't spend more than one minute talking to your customers (sometimes you can go even shorter than that). That's why your email copy should be worth reading! Here are a few tips on how you can do it too,

Connect With Your Recipients

Remember that your customers/subscribers are people just like you who want to be treated well! Connecting with them is a good way to start - both for welcome emails and for promotional emails. Use terms like "you", "your", "yours" to greet them. On the other hand, represent yourself as a team - "We", "Ours", "Us" and more. In addition to helping you close the sale, creating an emotional connection with your customers can also have significant benefits in the future.

Talk About Benefits, Not About the Features

Personally, I think this is a hard-learned email marketing tip! Why offer a flat 70% discount if your visitors have no idea what they're going to gain from it? It's estimated that 80% of eCommerce stores fail to do this.

Clean Error-Free Copies

You might also not think this is the right kind of email marketing strategy for eCommerce! Your email copies need to be clear, error-free, and free of grammatical errors. Even the smallest typography error can make it look awkward. There was an intentional typo mistake - how awkward is that?

So, double- and triple-check your copies for errors. Your customer should never send you a response email pinpointing your mistake! You can also use industry-specific marketing tools to help you with it.

That’s it for the first eCommerce email marketing tip. Let’s move on to the next eCommerce marketing hack!

2. Personalization Can Save the Day
Is it possible to overlook personalization on the list of eCommerce email marketing best practices? Definitely not! In order to understand more about this eCommerce marketing hack, here are some statistics and an example!

Seventy-four percent of marketers said targeted personalization can boost customer engagement.
Personalized emails can increase transaction rates by up to six times.
In a survey, 33% of marketers said that personalization would be the most important aspect of marketing in the future.
A personalized subject line to an e-commerce email campaign increases opening rates by 26%.
The idea here is to help you understand how essential this eCommerce email marketing strategy is! There are more statistics that can be written down, too, but this should help you understand the significance!
Personalization extends beyond just putting your customer's first name in your subject line and salutation - it goes beyond that! A popular food delivery chain sent me an email containing the above! I've been tracked down, including the number of times I ordered food, my favorite restaurant (my cuisine choice) and more! I felt an instant connection to the business!

So you may now understand the full power of personalization, one of the most overlooked eCommerce marketing tactics!

You need to personalize your eCommerce site to double your sales (assume it is more of an adventure).

Use their First Names to Welcome Them

eCommerce email marketing has won hearts for decades with this simple tip! When you address your customers/subscribers by their first names, you increase your email open rate (when you include their names in the subject line). Seeing that it's not just a mass email, but you've addressed it directly to them would help your recipients recognize that it's not just a mass email. Millions of eCommerce stores use this simple eCommerce marketing hack!

Automated Emails Based on Decisions

It is crucial to provide the right information to your visitors at the right time so they can make informed decisions, eventually leading to increased sales. Creating automated eCommerce email campaigns is as simple as deciding what should be sent to a visitor after he/she takes a particular action. Here is an example of how an online grocery store can send out emails,

Here’s what you should do next.

Re-Direct Them to Dedicated Landing Pages

What started as a simple personalized greeting email will reach places when your recipients start to interact with them. A landing page you've created is one possible destination they might reach.

Once your visitors reach the destination (in this case, the landing page), make sure that the personalization experience continues! Make sure your content corresponds to the email you sent previously. The visitor should feel like they are seeing an extended version of your email, and there should not be any distractions.

A great eCommerce marketing hack is to make sure that the customer/new visitor journey is smooth and personalized from start to finish throughout the entire process.

Next, let's look at eCommerce email marketing!

3. Creating a Sense of Urgency – Fear of Missing Out
Take advantage of a 60% discount on headphones; the offer ends in two days! On the very first day, there is a 74% chance that you'll buy it. That's called "Fear of Missing Out".

For a better understanding, here are some statistics:

About 60% of people purchase because of FOMO. Within 24 hours, they accomplish this.
The majority of people with FOMO are between the ages of 18 and 30. The number of people experiencing FOMO is 56%.
Over 69% of millennials (people born after 1980) face FOMO every day!
Although social media handles and ads work great for creating FOMO, sending them by email is always great - the results of this strategy have proven to be one of the best for eCommerce email marketing.
In this case, J.Crew did a great job of informing subscribers that the offer expires today, and that they can only get it in stores. In addition, they've made sure to kick off the temptation by offering a 30% and 50% discount in the same email!

Like J.Crew, you can use flashy, colorful images like this one,
These are some examples of emails using the FOMO strategy. Additionally, you can send out an email to your store's customers at the end of deals/seasonal sales - this will boost sales within a short period of time!

Don't forget to make sure your audience understands your message - the end date, the discount, and any other specific instructions you'd like them to know! To create an urgency in your email, you can also include countdown timers!

Next, let's explore eCommerce email marketing!

4. Cross-Sell to Your Customers
There is no way you can ignore cross-selling as a forever-evergreen eCommerce marketing hack! As soon as your customers make a purchase, you should try to cross-sell them relevant products. For your eCommerce store, you will be able to generate more revenue and sales.

And when it comes to upselling your customers, emails are your best bet!

We have put together a list of some tips to help you write successful cross-sell emails

Select the Right Cross-Sell Products

Cross-selling is highly dependent on relevance. There's no way a customer of yours would buy something they don't need (even if it's an impulse purchase). It's a good idea to cross-sell denim with sneakers, not deodorants, when a customer buys a pair of sneakers. Create automated email campaigns for each of your products based on the behavior of your customers!

Cross-sell with emails when appropriate

The other crucial factor you need to consider is how well you want to execute your cross-selling email campaign. You should remember this one thing about emails: you cannot send them whenever you like. The reason behind the same should be good. Having your visitor buy something without finding appropriate opportunities will not work. Email can be used to cross-sell products in two instances

Sending order confirmation emails is a great way to cross-sell products to your customers. The reason is that the customer has recently completed a purchase, so seeing something relevant in the order confirmation email might encourage him/her to buy the product!
Sending product review emails is not only a good gesture, but it also opens up the possibility of cross-selling. Use phrases such as "since you bought this, we thought it might be useful to you.".
In cross-selling, you are not pushing anything. It's all about getting potential customers to buy more! It only takes a couple of shortcodes and an email drip campaign to cross-sell. The sales numbers are crazy!

How do you feel?

Think about it for a moment.

Next on our list is eCommerce marketing hacks!

5. Focus Only on One Result
On a scale of 1 - 10, how much do you agree that trying to do many things at once can lead to a bit of a mess and ugly results?

If you are between 2 - 6, you should rethink the approach. However, if you're over 7, great! It is never a good idea to try to do too many things at once. The same is true for eCommerce email marketing as well!

Be sure your entire email is targeted to one thing - whether it's a new product launch or upcoming seasonal sales! Don't speak about anything else. This is due to the short attention span of your customers/subscribers, so you need to make sure you get the most out of them.

Additionally, when visitors are asked to do multiple tasks at once, they get distracted and nothing gets accomplished.

Make sure that you concentrate on only one topic in your email, and you'll see that it works like a charm!

6. Use CTA Buttons
It's called a call-to-action button, and the word itself explains what it is. The button on your website is a call to action for your visitors. You can find CTA buttons between blog posts, on popups, among other places. They can increase your eCommerce sales numbers to a whole new level when used in eCommerce email campaigns today and almost all online stores utilize them.

Take a look at the above examples if you have a hard time believing this. CTA buttons are almost everywhere! You can now start using them with just that proof!

Let's get to the point - what can you do differently to make your CTA buttons stand out and drive instant sales?

CTA buttons that have compelling text will also stand out. To grab attention and increase sales, include words like "Now", "Grab", and "Get Yours".
When necessary, use multiple CTAs - Sometimes, you may have to write long emails (which is not recommended) in order to convey your message to your customers. During these times, it's likely that your CTA button won't even be noticed. Multiplying the call-to-action buttons can help you avoid such mistakes. However, you should avoid spamming your customers/subscribers for the purpose of driving sales.
You should then be able to design CTA buttons that are effective!

7. eCommerce Email Segmentation
A quick poll!

Which of the following would work?

5 Emails to a Subscriber That’s Vaguely Sent
1 Crafted, Personalized Email Sent Based on Segmentation
We're pretty sure you'd opt for the second option (unless you're a spammer)! In addition, you can now see how important eCommerce email segmentation is!

What segmentation is, for those who don't understand, is the process of categorizing your email list and sending them the appropriate email. Creating segmented email campaigns resulted in an increase in revenue of up to 760%.

Below is a list of a few ideas for segmenting your email list.

Geolocation - based on the country/region your users are in.
Customer Value - the present value and future prospects of a customer.
Customer behavior - how your customers respond to emails and products.
Customer buying frequency - the number of purchases your customers have made in the last 30 days.
Segment users by age and interests.
Segment users according to their past purchases.
There can be a lot of segmentation categories, but the ones above are the most prominent.

It's all you have to do to send your emails based on ideal delivery times once you segmented them! I am about to share a hack for eCommerce marketing that works exactly like that!

8. Best Times to Send eCommerce Emails
It makes no sense to send your eCommerce marketing emails at night or on days he/she is unlikely to check the inbox? All that effort and time for nothing!

You will have to research the best times to send eCommerce emails if you are against the notion of appearing at the wrong time in the recipient's inbox. The first step to deciding on an email marketing strategy is deciding the criteria for sending emails. a list of the best days and times to send emails based on continents.

-In Australia, Tuesday would be the ideal morning (because Tuesdays have the highest email open rate) and 11 am to 3 am would be the ideal time.
Europe - An ideal time and day to send emails to a European customer is between 11am and 2pm on Thursdays.
Asia - It's pretty flexible here. Any day from Tuesday to Thursday would be ideal. Timing is between 10 am and 11 am and 1 pm and 2 pm.
US & Canada - The best time and day to send emails to the US and Canada is on Tuesday at 10 a.m. If you fail to send it out by 2 pm, you can do it between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. during the evening hours.
Middle East - Wednesday is the best day to send emails to customers in the Middle East. Send them out between 7 am and 8.30 am.
In the same manner, you can create a list of companies that will help drive sales based on industries or other factors that you think will benefit your business!

You can make your email more visible to your customers by doing it in this manner.

9. Abandoned Cart Emails

I saved the best eCommerce marketing hack for the last! And that’s going to be cart recovery emails.

Here’s a stat to make sure that you’re giving undivided attention,

“The Average Cart Abandonment Rate Across All Industries is a Huge 70%”

This actually means that 7 out of your 10 eCommerce visitors fail to complete a purchase after they’ve added items to the shopping cart!

That’s potential money left on the table. And being a store owner, you can’t let such things happen on your watch!

So, the perfect solution to win back your customers and make them complete the purchase would be to send abandoned cart emails!

Let’s consider this scenario. You’ve got a couple of minutes and you started taking a look at your favorite headphones. There was a 25% offer and you thought there’s going to be no better time. You’ve added the item to the cart and was about to complete the purchase but unfortunately was interrupted by a call. It was important and you had to leave.

The cart was abandoned!

And a few hours later, there’s this email letting you know that you’ve abandoned your headphones. Also, it comes with an additional 5% off!

Bingo! You complete the purchase right away!

This then is an example of how effective a cart abandonment email can be! To make it work, all you need is an abandoned cart recovery plugin, the perfect abandoned cart email template and a plan to send them out at the right intervals.
As a suggestion, here is a suggested interval for your abandoned cart campaign:

First Cart Recovery Email – One hour after the site visitor abandons the cart (a reminder email)
Second Cart Recovery Email – within 1 day (low stock - Fear of Missing Out)
Third Cart Recovery Email – After 3 days (with extra discount)
Fourth Cart Recovery Email – 5 days after abandoned cart (expiry date & feedback)
There is even an option for a fifth recovery email but the above will work well!

PS. If you're looking to reduce cart abandonment in your online store, exit-intent popups can help!

10. Put It All Together
In this article, we will not present an eCommerce marketing strategy or hack. It's more important than that!

It's great you've found some of the best email marketing hacks for eCommerce. The most important thing is how well you employ them to boost eCommerce sales.

To sum up, I decided to put everything in chronological order.

Please note that the below order is one possible way to resolve things. It might or might not suit your business!

By segmenting your email list based on these factors, you will achieve better results. It helps you to come up with more ideas and gives you clear insights about your sales prospects.
Once you've segmented your email list, you can start creating email copies. Follow the above-mentioned steps to make sure your copy is worth reading.
Personalization can significantly increase your sales number. Induce personalization factors to your email copies while crafting them!
Make sure you focus only on one result when writing your email. I guess we've come to the part about how much we can handle at the same time?
Make your email copies feel urgent. I think it depends on what kind of emails you are sending. Don't forget to include the FOMO factor if it's a sales promotional email.
We're almost done. Include CTA buttons to provide a seamless experience to your customers – the easier you make it for them, the higher will your sales numbers be!
Your emails are now ready to be sent. Based on whatever factor you've determined, ensure you've selected the best delivery time!
You are now aware of how to incorporate all the best practices for eCommerce email marketing into a single email copy. Cross-sell to your customers once they complete their purchase!

The abandoned cart hack is the perfect solution if your visitor does not complete the purchase. So, there’s actually no way out😉!

One or two last lines
Changes have taken place in recent decades. As a result of instant accessibility and seamless experiences (thanks to eCommerce), the consumer landscape has seen a huge shift from brick and mortar stores to online retailers, creating an age focused on online purchases. As a result, if you're running an eCommerce store, you should start sending emails to your customers today.

Your sales numbers will usually go up if you tweak them a bit.

So, with that said, I won't be holding you back anymore!

Best of luck with the sales numbers!

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