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Reseller Business Ideas

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Entrepreneurs who are just starting out can benefit greatly from becoming resellers. You can start your reselling business with low startup costs, lower risk, and potentially higher profit margins with these reselling business ideas.

You need to find product niches with enough room for newcomers to thrive if you want to achieve long-term success. A marketer with the right products but relatively little competition would have a better chance of profiting-or even by creating a brand-new product that consumers didn't even know they needed

What is the exact process you employ to identify these unicorn niches? Monitoring consumer trends, tracking competitors, and doing a little old fashioned product research. In-depth seller guides and industry research reports provide all of this information, so you can find your winning business idea easily.

The following list of best ecommerce reseller businesses can provide you with great opportunities.

1. Products and accessories for smart homes

The number of ecommerce stores selling smart products has not increased, despite the demand. Millennials in America have used smart home speakers at least 40 percent of the time during the last year. A 50 percent increase in ecommerce sales is expected in 2020 with this innovative idea. Take advantage of this exciting market niche, now that the time is right.


2. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Headsets

In retrospect, it is unfortunate how long it took Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) to reach the masses. However, the demand has risen considerably since the initial adoption. It is estimated that VR/AR sales will reach $108 billion by the end of 2022, which means more companies will invest and develop AR/VR apps in the coming months. In this niche, you'll have the chance to become an early proponent of an exciting technology that will soon become an important ecommerce business.


3. Hoverboards, electric skateboards, and scooters

The use of electric scooters and skateboards has become increasingly mainstream in recent years. The market is providing an opportunity for a large number of enthusiasts with a wide range of products and accessories that are in need of high quality. Getting the products from the manufacturer to the customer is a major obstacle in this niche. The dropshipping business model offers a great way to lower the cost of starting a business in a niche.


4. Grocery and food shopping online

In industries like online grocery niches, profitability is determined by vendor relationships and an unrelenting drive to drive more customers. Despite this, this niche will continue to be a great ecommerce startup idea in the coming years due to the wide variety of products and equally large target market. Both your business and your local stakeholders benefit from local sourcing. If you want to start small, you can just sell local produce and products. If the profits increase, you can decide to scale up the business to make it your most profitable ecommerce business.


5. Drones for taking selfies

Drone selfies have become one of the most popular ecommerce products. Drones are used for a variety of reasons these days, from delivering packages to keeping an eye on crops to capturing aerial shots by videographers. The selfie drone allows users to take pictures from different angles without the use of a selfie stick.


6. Smart Watches

Sales of smart watches hit 141 million global units in 2018. Sales of smartwatches in international markets almost reached an astonishing $19 billion.

According to predictions for 2020, this product will generate $53.2 billion in sales worldwide. No matter how you use it - to track footsteps or plan your day - smart watches are all about innovation - which is why the market will continue to grow in the following year. There's no doubt that this particular startup idea has incredible potential and can become your winning product for 2020.


7. Video Doorbells

Recently, video doorbells have gained popularity and have become a trending business idea. Due to the rise of video phone calls, it makes sense that people will also want to see who is at their door on a screen. Security cameras perform well as security devices and will be a great asset if they also offer high-quality night vision.


8. Face Masks

Selling face masks is an excellent ecommerce business idea, so you don't want to miss out on this growing industry. During this time, it is easy to sell a lot of masks since people are looking for stylish and fashionable designs to be distinguished from the crowd.


9. Dining and Kitchen Mats

Initially, it may seem as if this is a strange direction to go down, but once you understand how popular kitchen and dining mats are, you can't resist.

You can choose from simple plastic mats to textured fabric mats. By selling your product online, you can easily break into the industry. Then you can continue expanding with other products once something you've introduced generates a loyal following!


10. Personal Safety Equipment

There are many ecommerce business ideas that will capitalize on the trend of personal safety equipment. Safety wearables such as latex gloves, face shields, and safety vests are becoming more and more popular. The opportunity here is very serious, so if you can find a reliable supplier, if you are eligible, you should definitely apply!

Final Words

If you are looking to start a resale business in 2021, you can see that there is a ton of opportunity. Getting started flipping doesn't require thousands of dollars; you can get started with only a few dollars!

We have provided you with the best reseller business ideas and opportunities to assist you in starting your own reselling business.

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