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How to Create Store With eStoreApp?

Initial Store Setup

We have made it very easy to setup your online store.

The time has gone where it was taking weeks to start an e-commerce shop, now with eStoreApp you will be able to start and launch your online store within few seconds.

Let’s see how to create your store with eStoreApp.  Click on Create Your Store For Free button. It will navigate you to registration page.

Enter basic details such as store name, email id and choose your password and then click on register button. Its gives u a confirmation message after registration of your store.

You can check your email inbox for verification and now you can sign in.

After successfully login, you will be redirecting to dashboard where you can see store performance and other stats such as total sale, total orders, total customer, total visitors etc.

Store Settings

You can upload your store logo and store address from setting page. Go to Setup menu and then setting page. Choose your logo and update your store address here.

View Store

Now you can check your store by clicking on view store menu

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